Monday, April 13, 2009

Bad Runner. BADDDDD runner.

Days 13/14 of the running program have been a Complete write off. Completely. Getting up at dawn and running to hockey games an hour away and not getting back til bed time; Easter Sunday and then more hockey games and home and cold rain, snow, misery.

No running to be had over the weekend.
Which is really why I did the long run on Friday. Even tho I was off schedule and behind; it still seemed more important to get some sort of a long run in on Friday rather than leaving it, knowing the snow/rain and hockey weekend would get the better of me.

So, Supposed to be starting week 3 today. and it is SNOWING. I am going to get to the gym which will be packed. I am also going to clean my house, check out the Wii Fit for Core programs, and attempt a short run? Weather dependent. I just dont want to run in the snow. Im OVER WINTER. GIVE ME SPRING!

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