Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 23 of 84

3.5 miles today ; Im not sure that I shouldnt have rested after the long run yesterday; but Im kinda smooshing a day in the program after not doing anything Sunday. Getting back on track or something.
Tried to keep the pace up; not finding Im winded at all on most runs so Im thinking Im not pushing myself hard enough but I just end up with aching ankles and hips.

Disappointed with the 5 K time of 34 minutes. That's as bad as my worst and first time last spring. Came in the 5.6 km at 38 minutes 2 seconds. A lot of up hill at the end but I should be used to that.

Maybe just too much after yesterday?

Going to do some stretching at Yoga tonight and then some strength training (or the other way around).

ETA that map is backwards lol I was just trying to figure out why the elevations were so wrong but its because I mapped it out backwards and there was actually FAR more up hill than down hill in that run!

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