Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 32 of 84

Oh ugh. Windy. And it didnt bother me last time; bothered me today. could not catch my breath until I got into some shelter (houses) and then just tired. LIkely sabotaged myself; instead of going this morning I visited and had coffee with Gill then toast and peanut butter with Beth and then tried to run in wind. Really tired now; have not even stretched yet.

Garmin says 7.81 km; Im not picky, was only supposed to do 6.4 but I lost my key and I had to go back for it; cant drive without a key. It was around 55 minutes; time not that accurate due to some stops and going back to get key.

Registered for the Bluenose Chronicle Herald 10 K Run in Halifax in Mid May. Yikes.

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