Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 17 of 84

2 mile run today. could have done cross training and likely should have lol.

went to the gym this afternoon, worked out arms and legs and back. It takes a long time lol. After picking up the kids I went running at home (kids here) and ran up and down my road. 2.5 times. Its 0.65 km one way. Running from the bottom end to the top (up hill all the way) and then top to bottom (down hill all the way) 2 times, then back up 0.4 and back down 0.4 (waving to Annika in the driveway each time) never more than .4 away from the house; was quite a workout. Nice elevation there lol.

3.2 km in 22:50 minutes. Not a super good time but it WAS half hill.

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