Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 11/12 of 84

Ugh. Never stay on schedule. Thursday was supposed to be a 3 mile day with strength training and I didnt make it to gym; went easter shopping instead. Did go for a really short run with T and K and E and did the walk/run thing; newbies ;)

Friday got up and ran to town. Was going to go to gym but remembered part way there that this is not Saturday, its' Good Friday and therefore gym wasnt open but it was an AMAZING day for a run. Ended up running 6.55 km in about 45 minutes although at the end the time was messed up because I waited for a train and I talked to Scott and the kids.
After our run we ate fast then met friends and dogs for a walk in Debert and a little Geocache hunt. The kids were thrilled with their little prizes and the dogs loved their walk. We walked 4.4 km in about 1:25 with some pretty rough land and some ice and snow. It was an amazing weather day. Make up for the busy, crappy weather weekend ahead.

Saturday I will try to make it to the gym after being in HFX all day with Holly. If I dont make it, no biggie; I should be doing some gym training but I also cant skip kid stuff and I did run long today.

Sunday is long run which was done today if I should happen to not make it. Its easter.

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