Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 18/19 of 84

Yesterday again was too busy for a 3.5 mile run (actually didnt do anything other than work and drive the kids around all stinking day!) So yesterday was designated rest day and today became 3.5 mile day which became actually 6.56 km in 45:56 minutes. I misjudged the distance badly and kept running because I didnt really care lol. It didnt feel too bad but I have a few achey spots tonight, including hips and back. the weather was very nice although chilly starting out at about -2. It was bright and sunny and I didnt overheat. I did waste about 2.5 minutes trying to tell some out of towners how to get to the catholic church. Why would these ladies pass all the walking people and stop the one person who was sweating and straining and running, and make that person stand on the cold sidewalk in the wind shivering? Sheesh.
I wonder if they found the church.
tomorrow is cross training day and I think the games of hockey will cover that. Sunday is 5 mile/8km run. If I can map a route in Sydney CB where I am spending the weekend.

ETA well yesterday wasnt a total wash, I did do an hour long ball hockey practice and that was an activity.

Just played a hockey game (Friday night) and although we got a butt kicking, we did exercise and we learned a lot and remembered how to be playin hockey :)

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