Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 5 of 84

Ooops. Garmin malfunction and I didnt know how far I went for first section; went 4.76 km in 35.07 minutes once it was working. Was supposed to only go 4.8 km in total (3 miles) but actually ended up going 3.7 miles or 5.95 km. The good news? I didnnt feel bad at all at the end. When I stopped, I didnt feel winded or tired, just a little achey at the hips and ankles. SIGH. It may be time to use new sneakers.

After the run I went into the gym and did some arm and shoulder and back weights. Think I am going to do Wii Fit core training starting tomorrow morning before I go to the gym. Tomorrow is cross training so I am going to bike to the gym :)

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