Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 28

The end of the fourth week in this 12 week training program called for another 5 mile/8 km run. After the success I had last week I was sure this would be a pleasant venture.

Not so much.

I woke up sore from yesterday's workout and then sitting long hours on those hard small plastic chairs at the swim meet. And a little cranky. And still thinking a nice long slow run was just what I needed.

Started out ok; walked almost a km then started a nice comfortable run; up the first set of hills (about 2 km of nice gradual climb) and then back down into the little Valley; up and out and onto the main street where it was still nice. Went up a different street to stretch my 4 mile route into a 5 mile route; it was long and straight and boring. And deceivingly hilly.

Then there was a nice downhill that went on for quite awhile and that was where I first felt it...pressure in my belly. Figured I needed to pee...what a pain. Down at the bottom and into the last km - nausea. Wondered if I was running to hard. And not feeling energetic. More like Get this over with. Fast.

So walked back up the hill to my house and by this time was sure there were pains in my belly that had nothing to do with needing to pee. Cramps. Sharper pains. Nausea.
Bathroom required.

Did the stretching routine quick and had a bath and feeling better now but very tired and needing of water.

8 km run - 56:17 minutes.

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